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Where does the idea come from ...

Bearer of the project The Shop, behind me is a team with various talents from schools of drawing, graphic design and business school. The adventure begins with the meeting of these actors and a common passion for creation, culture and communication. The T-shirt is for us, the fashion accessory in its own right, worn by all but also a way to convey ideas, a mood, a state of mind via different designs! !

With all its surrounding artistic activities, I decided to realize my project of creation of a website where I will be able to sell my creations of T-shirts but also those of various artists of the whole world.

In collaboration with an artistic team united by the same passion of the design, I wish to share our cultural universe!

Together, we want, we can and will make your visit to TheShop a Tee-Shopping experience.

Presentation of the project

The shop is a project for the sale and creation of t-shirts online …

Via, we intend to put on sale my creations as well as those of other designers,

Collaborations with artists will be possible thereafter for unique collections in limited series and in small quantities.

BUT ESPECIALLY, I have the idea that this is much more than a commercial site, I wish that we come on The Shop to live a Tee-shopping experience and life style.


Crowdfunding is an English term for “crowdfunding”. This means that a large number of people are involved in the development, in economic and financial terms, of a project. kisskissbankbank allowed us to reach our launch goal. You can go to the site of kisskissbankbank theShop via this link : TheShop financing


Many thanks to all friends and friends of friends and family. Thank you for your support. Thank you for believing in our project. Thank you all. It goes straight to the heart because it’s the beginning of a great adventure for us. Thank you again for participating. You are super.
A page of thanks is dedicated to you, what you wish to see it, click on this link:


T-shirts will be 100% cotton, The cut will fit on the body, neither too wide nor too tight like a vintage model but afterwards, there will be several cuts. The designs will be made in digital printing in a local printing house with quality and craftsmanship. (because we prefer to give the chance to a local store in accordance with TheShop spirit).


The production will be launched in small series with a dozen design in digital printing; (Depending on the success of the project via the TeeShoppers, these series may be more important and screenprint because it takes a large number of T-shirts to make screen printing).
We will also produce a limited edition serigraphy series made by us in our workshop.


Collaborations with artists from all horizons will be possible thereafter for unique collections in limited series and in small quantities.
But we keep these exclusives for the following events …



The site will offer a news section as a blog where will be presented articles in the fields of fashion and culture, concerts, novels, artists, street art, shops, videos, design … and thus create a community TheShop.

Discover the T-shirt collections

Click on information for a concert, watch the web series, share with other shoppers, vote for a design … that’s the idea of TheShop

Get to know artists from around the world by making articles and teeshirts. Bring teeshoppers together Let’s have a good time and a little culture too …

Get in touch!

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Tee-shirts shop online and much more

The site was created thanks to the site crowdfunding ...


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